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Shipcloud supports shipping journeys that start in the checkout of your shop system, providing you with a customer-centric shipping solution. Shipcloud provides a Checkout API Suite that allows you to build your own checkout solution. Alternatively, our partner agencies can develop a checkout solution for you.

In the checkout, your customer can select their prefered carrier service for an order. The checkout supports a customer friendly shipping process:

Carrier service selection

The carrier service selection includes the following steps:

  • Display Available Carriers: The checkout will display a list of available carrier services to the customer. This list of carrier services will be dynamically generated based on a call to the Shipcloud Routing Rules API.

  • Carrier Information: For each carrier, the checkout will display relevant information, including estimated delivery times and shipping costs.

  • Selection: The customer can select their preferred carrier service from the list. The checkout will update the total cost to reflect the shipping cost associated with the selected carrier.

Pickup point selection (conditional)

The pickup point selection includes the following steps:

  • Availability Check: Upon selecting a carrier that offers pickup point services, the checkout will check the availability of pickup points near the customer's shipping address. The list of pickup points will be dynamically generated based on a call to the Shipcloud API (get pickup dropoff locations).

  • Display Pickup Points: If pickup points are available, the checkout will display a list or map of locations. Each location will include details such as address, opening hours, and estimated parcel arrival date.

  • Selection: The customer can select their preferred pickup point. Once selected, the shipping address will be updated to the address of the pickup point.

Order summary and confirmation

The order summary and confirmation includes the following steps:

  • Summary: After the carrier and, if applicable, the pickup point have been selected, the checkout will display a summary of the order. This summary will include item details, the total cost (including shipping), and the selected shipping details.

  • Confirmation: The customer can review their order and confirm their purchase. The checkout will then proceed to payment and order completion steps as per the standard checkout process. The chosen carrier service should be stored in your shop system as it will be used in the shipping process to call the Shipcloud API to request the label.

With the Shipcloud Checkout API Suite, you can build a checkout that enhances the customer experience by offering flexible shipping options while ensuring seamless integration with your storefront. The Shipcloud Checkout API Suite can be found on our develop portal {include link].

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